Stop, Collaborate and Listen!

Teachers need to stick together.  It is an exhausting profession so get help in the areas that you can!  When thinking of Pinterest, many think of planning their dream weddings, getting tips on their hair and makeup, and getting DIY ideas.  There are tooonnnnnsssss of ideas for teachers! There are free printables for teachers, bulletin board ideas, and lesson plans for teachers to use.  What more could a teacher want!  Signing up for Pinterest is free and easy, all you need is an email address.  There are categories on Pinterest that you can search for and education is one of the main ideas.  If you are looking for something specific, you can just search for it on the search bar as well.  People can pin any idea that like on Pinterest, and these ideas might not be free.  Pinterest is just a place to store all of these ideas, the website then takes you to the actual source of the pin.  Every teacher needs to get a Pinterest account.  There are so many fun ideas on there.  Teachers need to share all of the wonderful ideas that they have with one another!


Here is how to use Pinterest specifically for teachers! Pinterest for Teachers

Here is the link just to Pinterest itself- Pinterest