Every time I see Kahoot, I think of an owl.  Maybe I should suggest to them to use that as their mascot! Okay on a serious note… this is one of the coolest applications that I learned about during this semester.  It has been around for awhile now so I am very much behind in the game.  Kahoot is a free app that teachers, or even students, can use to poll students in a fun interactive way. Here is a YouTube video showing how to use it Kahoot Youtube Video This is a great way to assess students what they know on certain topics.  We have played around with it during class and I was even fortunate enough to see it in action while observing a classroom.  This teacher did a math review with her students all on Kahoot.  This school district was lucky enough to have enough Ipads to go around for students to use which is very beneficial, but students can use any kind of computer or mobile device.  Kahoot isn’t just for quizzes, you can also hold discussions as well as survey students or other people.  I have seen speakers in my own education classes use it as an ice breaker and to get to know people better.  It is an awesome resource for teachers to have and they make it easy for teachers to use.  Everyone should check it out!



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