Future Teacher Friends

When Mrs. Brogley told us we had to blog during this course I was very apprehensive.  Like I’ve said before, I really didn’t think I had much to say that people wanted to listen to, or I guess read!  Little did I know that blogging would benefit me in my professional life as well as personal life.  EdTPA here I come with my reflections!  Luckily our class is very diversified with different teaching majors so we all have a wide variety of ideas on technology topics.  Here are my thoughts on some of my classmates blogs this semester!

Miss Davidson’s Blog

One of Hannah’s first blogs was about Google.  Google was pretty much the first topic that we covered in Ed Media Apps and it seemed that Hannah thought it was as beneficial as I did.  Hannah blogged about her experience using a Chromebook which solely uses Google.  She loved her experience using the applications that the Chromebook offered and she was able to complete her SAMR video on there using Screencastify.  Seriously check out Hannah’s blog, I love how she has it organized and she has great ideas!


One of my favorite blogs to read this semester was Laura Rieger’s. She puts SO much personality into her posts and I can definitely picture her saying all of this stuff in real life!  Laura’s experiences have been so fun to learn about over the past year of taking classes with her.  She taught in Africa for 7 months, how cool is that?!  I had the privlidge to present with Laura at WEMTA a couple weeks ago, which she also blogs about.  Here is the link to her blog so you can see what she has to say:) Miss Laura


Looking at Wesley’s blog, I am so happy that I am not an English education major!  During this semester, one of our big projects in Ed Media Apps was to work with green screen and Wesley and Megan’s was one of my favorites!  On his blog he has a question and answer portion of his blog about green screen.  He even posted the video of their finished green screen for you to check it out too! Wesley’s Blog

Blogging definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be this semester.  It is something that I am going to try keeping up with! Check out my fellow bloggers, they all have something great to say:)





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